Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hold My Heart

Ok, so yes, I do generally try to steer clear of downer posts... I know, no one REALLY wants to read about that, even if you are my friends and care about how I'm doing. For that, I'm very grateful. Suffice to say, this is just kind of where I am in my life right now, and today's been especially tough. No specifics needed, those who need to know already do. For the rest of you, I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. In the meantime, here's a fan-made music video of a song that pretty well speaks to where I am these days. Lyrics (though not 100% correct) are in the vid. Enjoy, perhaps it'll speak to you as well.

And a special thanks to Jen at Cake Wrecks. I saved up reading posts from the last few weeks and well worth it. I was in need of some extra laughs today. Thanks!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Leg Cramps in Pregnancy

It's not very often I experience something so painful it's actually worth blogging about. But if you've ever had a Charley Horse Cramp, you know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you not fortunate enough to have already experienced the "joys" of pregnancy (no, I'm honestly not complaining, I'm just not one who has found pregnancy to be a particularly joyful experience and I'm just being authentic about that), let me tell you, they happen a LOT!

Now granted, this is also coming from a woman who has yet to actually experience the pain of labor and delivery, but up to this point, I think a Charley Horse is easily the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life. Anything that wakes you up to the point that you're crying out in VERY unexpected pain, sometimes to the point of tears, pretty well takes the cake in my book. I think, before the fact, that the one thing that would make a bad leg cramp trump labor/delivery pain is that at least with delivery you KNOW it's coming. You're awake, and aware, and you can feel the pain coming on. You may not realize just how bad it's going to be, but at least it doesn't completely blindside you in your sleep.

Over the past 2 months or so, waking up with a mild cramp in my calf has become a daily commonplace. They're not so bad I can't handle it. They don't feel great, but they're not the worst thing either. I stretch my leg out, flex my foot, and it's gone. And I go back to sleep. Twice in the past 3-4 days, however, I've been rudely awakened by a cramp SO bad that I can't keep it to myself. This morning, I was nearly in tears. That makes the fourth time in my life I've experienced a leg cramp to that severity.

Ironically, leg cramps were the topic of the week for me in my Pregnancy Weekly emails (I am now 27 weeks along!) and some tips were helpful and some weren't so much. For example, they recommend sleeping on your side to prevent the cramping. Unfortunately for me, I do always sleep on my side, with a Boppy pregnancy pillow, and my knees bent. In my opinion, the bent knees only add to the risk of cramping. Also, while I already knew that a Charley Horse often comes as the result of a calcium deficiency or imbalance, I finally got confirmation that the problem could also be with potassium (time to eat more yogurt, I guess). Dehydration is also a culprit, and likely my big enemy in this situation. Staying hydrated, drinking enough fluids has always been a difficult thing for me, no matter what tips and tricks I've tried. I keep trying, and some days I'm a lot better than others.

So, to all you pregnant ladies, be warned, but also be comforted. You're not the only one, this too shall pass.... eventually. Now, I'm off to price things for a yard sale I'm already late to. Fun times! Hopefully I can use my fabulous new camera that I got for Mother's Day (!!!!!) and take some fun photos to share.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Another Cake Wrecks Post

Ok, yeah, I get it, I think I mention or blog about Cake Wrecks than anything else in here. But well, truth is, kids, I've been in a tough spot lately and believe you me, I just don't think you want to hear about my woes. And honestly, I'm not so sure how keen I am on writing about them at the moment. So instead I get my daily does of hilarity from Cake Wrecks and I realize that perhaps my life isn't so bad... or at least I get to forget about the stuff going on for a few minutes. That said, I just HAD to share with you a little of the Mother's Day homage going on down in cakeland. Enjoy.

Now, just to highlight my 2 favorite cakes on here today...

Just when you thought CCCs couldn't get any worse, they go and turn them into three piece monstrocities! What is this thing?! I think my favorite theory is "bear arms." I mean, wouldn't you totally be in the market for albino bear arms attacking a rose bush to honor your mother on this one day of the year that she gets a little credit for all her hard work and lack of sleep? Oh yes, this does it for sure.

And my favorite for the day....

Ohhhhhhh! I get it! So THIS is what Kermit and Miss Piggy's love child looks like. I always wondered. Dear God, help us all... but really, I just can't help but burst into song when I see this one. Heh!