Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hold My Heart

Ok, so yes, I do generally try to steer clear of downer posts... I know, no one REALLY wants to read about that, even if you are my friends and care about how I'm doing. For that, I'm very grateful. Suffice to say, this is just kind of where I am in my life right now, and today's been especially tough. No specifics needed, those who need to know already do. For the rest of you, I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. In the meantime, here's a fan-made music video of a song that pretty well speaks to where I am these days. Lyrics (though not 100% correct) are in the vid. Enjoy, perhaps it'll speak to you as well.

And a special thanks to Jen at Cake Wrecks. I saved up reading posts from the last few weeks and well worth it. I was in need of some extra laughs today. Thanks!!

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