Monday, June 29, 2009

One Good Mechanic Can Make a Difference

Ok, in all fairness, I need to give you an update on how things ended with the Jiffy Lube fiasco. The short answer is: MUCH better than I expected it to. Things were not nearly as bad as I originally suspected. Praise God!!!!! Now for the story...

So, I called JL again this morning around 9:30, to be told they hadn't even checked their voice mails yet. Sorry, what?! So, when does that kind of thing generally happen? After you close for the week? Anyhoo... so I told the guy on the phone the story again, he went back and looked at the video, and sent someone from the Woodbridge store down to check out what was going on with my car. They arrived, and found that my engine was TOO full of oil! See, as it turns out, 10:30 at night with no flashlight and bad lighting from streetlamps and headlights still don't do much for you. My darling hubby checked the wrong dipstick and thought my oil was empty, when he was really looking at the transmission fluid which is barely visible at night. I'll spare him the embarassment and just say simply, he doesn't know Hondas very well. *wink*

The JL manager from Woodbridge was very understanding, completely getting why we would have made that mistake, and took the time to check everything else to see what the problem was. Turned out, the engine light came on because of a tube that connects the engine to the air filter (or something like that). When they finished my service, a supervisor went back and inspected all the work, and checked off on it.... but the cap was sitting there, unhooked for all the world to see! That means my engine was taking in extra air which, while not mechanically fatal, wasn't good either. It was basically one of those stupid careless mistakes that take your math test grade from an A to a B+ because you just weren't paying attention. Plus, they didn't wash my exterior windows like they said they did, which kind of annoyed me, but either way...

So, at the end of the day, my car was drained of the extra oil, which was put back into the bottles to be used at a later date, the hose-thingy was reconnected, and my engine light was reset so everything is now good to go. I got an apology from BOTH store managers for the error, the supervisor who signed off on my car was "taken care of" (whatever that means), and I got a card for a free oil change next time I go in! I still kinda feel like the Burke store should be doing something extra, since they're the ones who half-assed the job in the first place, but I think I'll let it go, just to be a nice person.

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becomingkate said...

Glad they fixed everything. Poor service is a major pet peeve!

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