Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Night Twofer

Ok, so apparently I unintentionally lied. I didn't repost yesterday. Sooooo, here's a little double whammy for you tonight! And please, stay tuned for the second part of this post. It's a REEEAL doozy.


Ok, so I realized I hadn't kept you updated on how things went for me after my 3-hour glucose test. Honestly, it's because after I heard back about the results, there wasn't a whole lot to tell. My levels were as follows: Fasting (94), Hour One (148), Hour Two (146), Hour Three (98). Translation, I really only technically failed one of the 3 sugar tests, BUT the way the sugars processed means something was still a little off. I drew my own conclusions on what this meant, but still waited the 2 weeks to see my doctor and get her final thoughts on it. Turned out she agreed with me completely. Yay! I'm smart!!!

My final and official diagnosis, which in all fairness I just got on Wednesday, is that I have a Glucose Intolerance. I had just been referring to it as "Borderline" Gestational Diabetes. All it means is that my body is currently not processing sugars as quickly as it's supposed to, so I have to watch my sugar and carb intake, drink lots of water, and keep exercising (aka, walking dogs). This has been mostly pretty easy for me, though, especially since figuring out that if I get a sweets craving, I can chow down on some fresh fruit and it completely takes care of the craving! Besides, it's a way better and healthier way to munch. Ta-dah!

Baby is still developing very nicely, and they are very happy with the way she seems to be coming along. I'm more convinced than ever that she's been transverse this entire time, but it's starting to feel like she might be turning and getting into her final birthing position. Gosh, I hope so!!! I can't wait to meet my little gummy bear!!!!


So I went to Jiffy Lube today to get an oil change. I've heard some sketchy things about some locations, but I've never had a bad experience myself, so I guess fair's fair either way. But, what happened to me today was absolutely BEYOND insane. Ok.... so, here's the pop quiz of the day... when you go to get an oil change what is THE most obvious thing that needs to be done? Hint: it's so blatently obvious that you're probably sitting there saying to yourself, "no, that can't be it, that's just too easy!" I'll give you three guesses. I promise you won't get it.

Give up? Well, here's a thought, after you've drained the oil out and put in a new filter, AND replugged the opening, how about putting the NEW OIL in my car?!?!?!?!?! Seriously!!! And here's the best part... I drove from Burke, where I had my oil changed, all the way up to Potomac Falls (Great Falls side of Sterling) for a friend's party this afternoon, and then back down to Lorton to see my hubby at work. All the while, I was completely unaware that my car had absolutely NO oil in it!!! As I'm leaving the restaurant around 10:30, my "Malfunction Indicator Light" comes on. Now, admittedly, I'm no mechanical genius, but I know a lot of the lights that come on in your car for different reasons. I've never seen this one before.

Sooo, I turn around and park again in front of the restaurant, get my husband to turn around before he's too far gone, and he comes back and checks on my car for me. We double check the gas cap and all other caps, etc, as recommended in my Owner's Manual. Everything checks out just fine. Then, Scott pulls my dipstick out of the oil reserve. Bone. Effing. Dry. Seriously. Are you kidding me?! You mean I just drove over 55 miles with NO oil in my car?! Thank GOD my engine didn't completely sieze up on me!

Let's just say... whatever poor sap is opening up Jiffy Lube in the morning is really in for quite the voice mail message. If I don't have a phone call by the time I wake up in the morning, they're getting another phone call. Plus, I expect a full refund, a re-embursement of the money I had to pay for NEW oil, AND, if there's any lasting damage to my car, they're paying for all the repairs. I almost hope I need a new engine. And boy, oh boy, they'd better not try to pin this on me. This is too big an error to pass off on the customer. Heads will roll, baby. Just you wait.

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Nichole said...

LOL, you're funny. What do they do if you have gestational diabetes? Just watch what you eat? I'm taking my sugar test at next weeks appointment (28 weeks or something)! I'm so excited for you!!!!

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