Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bluebird On My Shoulder

Well, after two solid days in a total slump, I think I've finally reemerged into the land of the living. *aaaaahhhhhhh!* The sun is back out, which means I've got the bright blue of the sky reflecting through my office window and I can hear birds chirping outside. Plus, I'm getting my new furniture today!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, oohs and ahhs please!! I'm particularly excited about the round swivel chair because, well, it's my adult version of the egg chair I'd always wanted as a kid (*cough* and adult *cough*). Plus, this is the FIRST new furniture we've ever had as a married couple, short the bedroom set his mom got us for the wedding. Of course, now I'm thinking.... wow, I'm about to have a KID, and I thought stone microfiber was a good idea?! Thank God for Scotch Guard...

Now, I have to spend the rest of the day finishing my presentation on the 12 Deadly Habits of People Skills. This should be fun!!! To be honest, I'm looking forward to it a little more today than I have been the rest of the week, but I'm still not ready and would rather do anything else at the moment than this. Yes, I'd even go do the dishes!! Or blog, even...

I guess I should quit procrastinating and get back to work.... ho hum, I'm sure I'll be back here later.


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