Friday, February 20, 2009

Re: My Heart Goes Out...

Well, I was just going to post this as a response on WM's blog entry, but I have too much to say. So I decided to make a post of my own instead. To see Wearing Mascara's original entry, click here. And now for my response.

I've seen the TMZ photo and it's devastating. No, I won't post it here either. I can't decide which I'm more appalled by - the photo itself, or the fact that someone was disgusting enough to leak it. And what breaks my heart even more are the people who are calling it a fake, or are saying we should hear Chris Brown's side of the story. (?!?!?!)

I don't care about HIS side of the story! I don't CARE how it went down, who started what, blah blah blah! You DON'T hit girls! It's disgusting. If there is something good that can come out of this, and the photo leak, I can only hope that this horrible atrocity breaking national news will give more women out there hope, and the courage they need to take a stand for themselves.

You DON'T deserve it, you DIDN'T "ask" for it. Now, I won't go so far as to say that Chris Brown should be put six feet under, but at some point in life, regardless of what you've been taught growing up, you need to learn that you and you alone are responsible for your actions. No man or woman should EVER resort to violence as a response to anger. I don't care who you are and how much money is in your off-shore accounts. Someone somewhere needs to let these rich boys know that they can't get away with crap like this!!! Ladies, you are beautiful and powerful, and you deserve to be treated better than that.

Ok, if I say anymore, I'll just be repeating myself. I've said my peace and I've counted to three.

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