Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do I Look Like an Idiot to You??

Ok, so this post is really more of a pissed of rant than an update of any real caliber. Update portion is this: I've been looking into becoming a dog-walker part time between now and August (when Munchkin Melice enters stage left). The first place I applied actually called me right away. Walking dogs in the wealthy communities of DC and making a butt-load of money while getting in some exercise sounds like fun to me!!! Secretly, I've always had a little fantasy about being a dog-walker for a short season of my life, just to see what it's like. I keep remembering Maggie in "In Her Shoes" and having her first real job ever be walking and washing dogs. I know, oh so glamorous, but when this girl gets an idea in her head, it's hard to get it out. Call it checking off an item on the Bucket List.

Anyhoo.... so I've been in contact with this guy who's running the dog walking business in DC. We met last week (I swear it feels like it's been longer than that) up in Silver Spring, where I got turned around and he was still pissy about me being late. We talked for about an hour, which he kept saying he wasn't happy about. *rolls eyes* He tells me he's going to schedule me to come up for training and to get set up with a couple clients so I can start walking sooner than later. Sure, fine, I can handle that. Just let me know when to be where.

I don't hear from the guy for almost a WEEK! So, I call him and ask when I should start hearing about training and he says to come up Tuesday. Great another long drive to Silver Spring. Sure, no problem. I call Monday to confirm and he says no, Tuesday's to packed, he'll set up a meeting for me to get some training in Dupont. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention... I talked to the guy THREE times and he couldn't remember who I was!!!!! Does anyone else see anything seriously wrong with this!?

So, surprise, surprise, I never heard from him yesterday. I've been planning my week and my day around having this meeting in DC and I still don't know if it's happening! So, I call him this morning at 8:26. Yes, I know. Too early, but if I have to leave at 9:20 I need to get moving! No answer. I call again at 9:20. STILL no answer!

And then.... I get a TEXT MESSAGE!!!!!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?!?!?!?!?! Seriously. You are placing me in an employer/employee relationship and you're seriously going to TEXT me to tell me you're in a meeting and the person YOU were supposed to schedule me with would call me to set something up?! Ok, fine. I'll play your stupid game. Keep in mind, please, that I'd already left two messages telling him I'm unimpressed with his lack of communication and giving me the run-around, especially since I'd been planning my whole day around this.

I text him back asking him to call me after his meeting because the way this has turned out is NOT ok. He then responds that "unless you take initiative, it is hard for me to manage every bodies schedule, until I get an office manager sorry. I have 45 people working for me right now."

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly, letter for letter, how the message was typed. And apparently now I am the one who isn't taking initiative. Interesting how that works, huh? So I responded, "I am not arguing this with you over texts while you are in a meeting. Please call me when you are done."

Oh yeah, and by the by, it's now noon and I haven't heard from him OR the girl.


Mich said...

WTF????? that is no way to run a business! if that is how he is befreo you have even started working for him imagine how it is when you are one of his employees??


Visione Bella said...

Girl... you are telling me!

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