Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Am I getting Dear John'd?

Ok, so I interviewed last Wed for a position dogwalking right here in my zipcode. It would be the perfect job for me right now while I'm pregnant. After my interview, which I thought went EXCEPTIONALLY well, the Manager told me I should call her Monday (yesterday) morning and if she hadn't heard from me by noon she would call me.

I call at 9:30 and was told she's in a meeting. I let them know I have a sonogram but will call back if I don't hear from her.

I call at 2:30. Front Desk Girl: "She's unavailable. As far as I know, all the positions are filled. I'll have her call you ONLY if she's interested and we'll keep your resume on file." She refused to let me talk to the Mgr, who I was under the impression would call me regardless.

Orientation is today and still no word. Should I call one more time, or just let it go?

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