Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Little Breather

After the hellish day of pain I had yesterday, I am pleased to report that I am doing MUCH better today. The cramping has been basically non-existent all day and my baby girl has been popping and kicking around all afternoon. She is going to be the cutest thing on this planet, I SWEAR!!!

We've finally settled on her first name, which we are keeping mostly a secret for the time being, but now we're tossing back and forth on her middle name. The original option is an archaic, Shakespearean name I've loved for several years, but I also thought of the idea recently to use her middle name as a way to sort of name her after my hubby's dad, who passed away 6 years ago.

For those of you with kids, how did you make the choices on how to name your children? Was it a hard choice for you, or did you and your spouse know right away? Did you end up using names you liked most of your life, or did those names go right out the window when you got pregnant and started REALLY thinking of names?


Courtney said...

My kids have very different stories. Coming up with a name for a child is one of the hardest things I have ever done! There were names I swore I would use when I was younger and honestly, I haven't used any of them on my childen.

Brady was never going to be a Brady at all. He was going to be "Paul Jeffrey" or "PJ." Since I didn't find out the sex before he was born, I also had Rose Emetie (both are family names) picked out. The night before my c-section, I KNEW that if I was having a boy, he was NOT a Paul Jeffrey OR a PJ. He was a Brady. I sent a very urgent e-mail to George (who was in Iraq at the time) to let him know about this feeling. George said to wait until we knew what the baby was, then make the decision based on what he looked like. Edward (Brady's middle name) is my deceased grandfather's name.

Lexi's name was totally different. We agreed on boy and girl names in the first trimester: Alexandria Helen (where we had our first date and George's grandmother's name) and Davis Cole (Davis is his other grandmother's maiden name) or "DC" for where we are from. We liked that we could put part of where we are from into either kid's name. Once we agreed, we also agreed on no last minute changes. I was having second thoughts about the middle name, but since I honored one of my relatives in Brady's name, it seemed fair to let George do he same in Lexi's name.

Did that help at all? LOL. My best advice is to use their full name when talking to them before they are born or practicing yelling the name for when they are in trouble. :)

Visione Bella said...

Best parenting advice ever!!!!! Hahaha!!!

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