Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin Go Braugh!

Greetings, my dears, and a very Happy St. Patty's day to ye! I hope ye all be wearing your green and/or orange, whichever be your preference.

I was wearing a green sweater earlier today, but have changed back into blacks and grays (as happens to be the color of my current lounging attire) because I've put myself on bedrest for the day. More on that in my next post. I want to keep this one to just one topic.

Today I bring you news from the land of my dear Mr. Brown over at Laughing Soul (no, that's not really his name, but he'll get the joke if he sees this) - I hope that I shall always be the Queen of Your Hearts!! In celebration of his 100th post (WAHOO!!!) he is hosting a fabulous giveaway. Enter to win and you will be in the running for either some fabulous loose teas or terrific offerings from Best Buy.

Amble on over by way of the rainbow to the pot o' gold he has waiting for ye. And watch out for them leprechauns! They be full of the blarney, the do!

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